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Ryan Jeffords I am a seasoned web application developer with over a decade of professional experience.  During the past 11 years, I have had the distinct privilege to wear almost every hat the IT industry has to offer.   My skills include (but are not limited to) various forms of front-end and back-end web programming including 11 years of ColdFusion experience (since the v4.0 days), database design and manipulation, and a even a few year of project management.

While my professional web development career began in 1999, I began as a freelance web designer in 1995 designing and maintaining dozens of websites.  When I decided to turn this hobby into a career, I took a great interest in server-side programming.  Today I handle all aspects of web design and development while serving as a Software Engineer for Epicenter Consulting, a boutique software company in New York City that specializes in developing high-end, customized business solutions.  My duties are only limited by the creativity my brain can conjure up.

When I'm not designing or developing web-based solutions, I spend my time with my two boys in Cibolo, Texas (just outside of San Antonio).  My hobbies include cars, motorcycles, and (of course) electronics of all shapes and sizes.

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My Current Employment Status

I am currently happily employed and not actively seeking employment at this time. While I appreciate any and all interest in my skill-set, I am currently not available for a full-time hire. If you are interested in my skill-set and would like to hire me on a part-time basis, please contact me.

Contact Information

To avoid having my personal contact information floating freely through-out the internet, I have withheld my personal contact information from my resume. If you are interested in contacting me, please do so on my contact page.

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