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Dear Steve,

AppleTwo years ago my previous employer bought me a Macbook Pro, and I was asked to give up my cherished PC. I didn't particularly want to switch to a Mac, but I've always enjoyed the idea of "getting on the bandwagon", because frankly -- I'm that kind of guy. Within a matter of months, my thoughts and feelings regarding Apple and their products evolved into something short of an obsession. It's safe to say that I drank the Kool-Aid, and was completely hooked. Today I look throughout my house and can count about 10 Apple products. Between my wife and I, we pretty much own 90% of the products you offer.

I often get labeled as a "fanboy" of Apple, and to be honest, I think I'm OK with that. It is one thing to be a fan of a product that is in one way or another subpar, but it is another to be a fan of product that is (dare I say) just shy of perfection. Let's face it, love 'em or hate 'em, absolutely nobody can deny that Apple products are the perfect balance between form and function. That is a claim I can't make about any other manufacturer in the world.

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