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Helicon ApeI had recently used a product called Helicon Ape for another project I was working on. Getting right down to the point, Ape allows me to run a set of familiar Apache modules on my instance of IIS all using the simplistic approach of editing an .htaccess file. Seems too simple right? Nope!

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MAMPUntil recently, I've had the ability to perform all of my ColdFusion (and other various web) development directly on a server of some sort. My IDEs have always included integrated FTP or RDS support, so the workflow was pretty seamless, and I never had any concerns. After we finally decided to embrace SVN for our source and version control solution, my day-to-day operations were about to change. Instead of working directly on a server, I would have to begin developing everything locally and committing my code changes into SVN for an eventual deployment to the beta server. Setting up ColdFusion isn't terribly difficult to do locally, and typical installations and configurations can take less than 30 minutes since Adobe bundled a "built-in" web-server to be used with ColdFusion for simple development environments. That was just it — I knew that my requirements for a development environment were not going to be simple. For one, I would need the ability to run multiple websites concurrently. Secondly, I would like the ability to tweak settings and install additional modules to my web server if need be.

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