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  • I am a Proud Christian Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and He alone comes first in my life. Everything I do, I do to bring honor to His name and glorify Him as Lord of the Universe.
  • Standards Mean Something to Me While some may think validating your code to W3C standards is over-kill, I think anything less would simply be unprofessional. This site was built and will always remain W3C compliant. Check for yourself.
  • Give & Take Many of us sacrifice our free time to share our knowledge on our blogs. Please comment as often as possible, and if you find something on this website particularly interesting, please pass it on and share it.
  • The Tools I Use With over a decade of experience building and maintaining websites, I've used every flavor of development tools available. My current preference of software include Coda, Sequel Pro, Transmit, and Fireworks.
  • I Don't Support IE6 Seriously people, it has been 3,145 days since Internet Explorer 6 has been replaced. It's time to move on.
  • Like What You See? Buy Me a Beer! I like beer. If you find something on this site that makes your day, I encourage you to buy me a beer.

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The other day I woke up, reached for my glasses and dropped them. On the way down, they brushed against my nightstand, and as you could imagine, the lenses were scratch in the process. I had two initial thoughts. The first one was to see if I could "clean" the scratches off the lenses. "Maybe they weren't scratched at all! Maybe they're just smudges! I bet with a little elbow grease I can get this out." My second thought followed shortly after I concluded that the scratches were permanent. This thought was, "oh no, I REALLY don't want to have to go back and order more lenses". Let me give you a little backstory...

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I am currently happily employed and not actively seeking employment at this time. While I appreciate any and all interest in my skill-set, I am currently not available for a full-time hire. If you are interested in my skill-set and would like to hire me on a part-time basis, please contact me.

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To avoid having my personal contact information floating freely through-out the internet, I have withheld my personal contact information from my resume. If you are interested in contacting me, please do so on my contact page.

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